The Importance Of A Printed Photo
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I came across a blog post that I wrote exactly two years ago...  I thought it was important to repost... especially this week.  My brother is getting married this Friday to an incredible, incredible girl (Erin, we love you so much!!)  Unfortunately, two weeks ago our mom became very ill, and sadly will not be able to attend the wedding (but, we are praying for a full recovery!!).  We have a game plan to do a lot of FaceTime and photo streams.  But, of course it will not be the same.  Photos will not be the same, dances will not be the same, family time will not be the same.  So with that said, I leave you with this post written two years ago...


Today I had this genius idea to move my desk around in my home office.  After a quick decision to throw everything on to the floor and shimmy a few things around I started slowly putting everything back in order.  

While I was doing this I came across a photo of an old colleague and me at Alvernia University.  We were both smiling arm in arm in my studio.  Sadly, Ms. Ross has passed away, but for a few moments I was able to savor that memory in that 4x6 piece of photo paper.  As I placed it into a large photo album I started recently to keep all of the random images I print, I came across a photo of my Gramma and my Pappy.  My Gramma recently passed away a few months ago and it rocked my world.  Both my Gramma and Pappy were smiling adorned in their wedding attire standing at the edge of the church.  It was because of that printed photo I was able to let my mind wander to one of the many memories I shared with both of them.

This brings me to the point of my thought process.  I am lucky enough to photograph weddings and families.  I capture moments that sometimes you can't have a redo, a reaction that is only genuine once, a family portrait with the Gramma that you were lucky to have at your wedding.  I can't stress enough the importance of printing your photos.  Time will change and that floppy disc, will now be a DVD, which then turns into a USB drive and may eventually find it's home on one of those many web hosts...that you may or may not remember the password for each time you try to sign in.

My dad recently said to me, "Heidi you should encourage your clients to print their photos, it's not the same to show a grandparent a photo on the computer or an Ipad."  In the same week, I had a similar conversation with a fellow photographer.  Two days later my brother had a birthday and my sister bombarded us with hilarious photos of when we were kids via iMessage.  I called her up and told her I was coming down in a week to scan them and make a album for our family.  iMessage wasn't cutting it for me - I wanted a printed photo in my hands.

Print those photos - because at some point - your Gramma or Pappy may not be around for you to show off your wedding photos to, or your new baby's portrait, or your family's summer vacation.  And eventually, that father or mother that walked you down the aisle will no longer be there to share a laugh with you over a goofy photo from your childhood.  Your computer that everything is stored on may crash, technology will change and passwords to sites will be forgotten.  A printed photo speaks volumes, evokes emotions, brings laughter, brings tears, starts a conversation, remembers a story.


UPDATE: Just short of a year ago, my sister and I walked my brother down the aisle to my gorgeous sister in law, Erin.  In my right hand, I clutched my brother's arm in my left I was on FaceTime with my mom.  Yup, you read that right - FaceTime.  My mom suddenly became ill with Gillian Barre a month earlier, leaving her paralyzed from the neck down.  Thankfully, the paralysis was able to be reversed with the miracle of medicine, lots of prayer and


xoxo Heidi

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